Advice for freshman

Have you ever thought of what high school life would be like? You might think that high school life would be crazy, exciting, or maybe dull or boring. You might even feel nervous about this completely new high school stuff. However, do not worry! Here are some advice from my own experience, and it may help you adapt to the high school life more easily.
First, always hold a positive attitude toward oncoming challenges. When I just got into the high school, I was scared. I was afraid of bonding in to the new environment. To me, it was a disaster! However, I made up my mind to stay optimistic. Moreover, I found out that it is actually much easier for me to face difficulties with a positive attitude. High school life is much more than getting good grades; it‘s about challenging yourself and exploring new things. If you keep up the positive attitude, you will feel the power of learning. It is like fuel to car, without it, the car will not work. Keep up the positive attitude, no matter what happened would really help you got though the tough freshman year.
Second, you must be patient. High school life sometimes can be really boring and exhausting. Even though it is more fun than elementary school, there are still homework and exams. When it comes to the time of the tight schedule, remember not to rush or panic. Be patient in doing everything. Once you rushed, all the effort you have made might just disappear because of a tiny mistake. There are many ways to keep patient, and here are some of my ways. I listen to radio or music to ease my anxious, and when I get tired, I usually take a break. Never push yourself when you are feeling tired. It would just make the condition worse. Being patient and clam is the best way to deal with difficult problems.
Last, you have to join the club. Being in the debate club was the best time I had. My vision had not only broadened, but also my vision. Before joining the club, all I thought of was to get good grades. After joining the club, I realized how little I know and how small I am. Through extracurricular classes, I learned that there are so many things out there. Joining the club is a good way for you to learn more things other than the textbooks. This is the only chance for you to see how abundant or colorful the world is. Do not be afraid to try it out, you might find it fun!
To me, entering the high school is a total new stage for me. The well-known Japanese economist Ohmae Kenichi once said, “Life is like a disc, you have to format it whenever it is needed.” Becoming a high school student means starting a new adventure. Hold positive attitude, be patient, and join the club will help you adapt to the new environment much easily. Be brave to embrace the new stage of your life. Trust me; high school is fun once you know how to live out the true meaning of it.


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  1. 20228virus

    Comment from Sarah
    1. The content is well organized and well developed, the topic sentences are clear.
    2. Becarful on wrong words, but the word choice is fine.
    3. The last paragragh is differnent from others.
    4. The whole article is easy to read, and it’s close to our life.

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