The best movie I’ve ever seen


    Can you believe a Panda can actually become a master of Kong Fu? I bet you don’t! The best movie I’ve ever seen is Kong Fu Panda. With hilarious jokes, funny but inspiring plot. I just love this movie. A panda who cook noodle for living has an ideal dream of becoming the Kong Fu Master. None of the other Kong Fu practitioners believe in him. Not even the Panda himself expect that one day he will become the “chosen one.” It’s all by accident! However, not only did the Panda fulfill his oath of the chosen one. He even bread through his own weaknesses. Eventually, he defeated the biggest villain.

    I found this movie the best because of three reasons. It’s funny, realistic, and inspiring. First, seeing the Panda is already fun, but the animators make other characters interesting too. Second, the character Panda actually symbolized every ordinary human. He got his own weakness and his own flaw. We got them too. Besides, we all have to face difficulties. Seeing the Panda is as seeing myself. Last, the Panda’s optimistic attitude toward frustration really inspires me. And also his perseverance really touches my heart. A movie consists of three elements – funny plot, realistic story, and inspiring message are what a movie requires. The Kong Fu Panda makes it perfectly.


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