Making friend with MR. TOEFL

     Before turning in my application of self-studying program. I was nervous and worried. Because I wasn’t sure if I could handled such a tough work! After all. TOEFL wasn’t easy.

Then, I decided to give it a try. So, during every English class, I studied my own TOEFL practice book. It was difficult at the beginning. There are bunch of rules and few practice tests in the book. I took the *Pre-Test* first. I thought I did okay on it, so I moved on to the next test, the reading section wasn’t hard, but there were time limitation. I’ve to trained myself to finish studying the whole article, which contained mostly about 5-6 paragraphs in a  very short time. It was just CRAZY!

I couldn’t imagine anyone who could read that fast in such a limited time. Anyway, it didn’t go well on my first reading section. I was a little bit frustrated. But thinking of the moment when I decided to challenge myself for the TOEFL exam, I was full of determination ! Then, i said to myself, Practice makes perfect! Indeed, for the following reading sections, I improved little by little each time. I became more confident and found mywelf started to like the TOEFL exam. Amazing, right?

As a few months has past, I thought is was time for me to take a rest. Although making friend with MR. TOEFL was great, but I needed time to organize the things I’ve learned. So, I went back to my English class. I figured out that even I was practicing TOEFL, I still made mistake in simple grammar! Sometimes I felt really stupid, how could I made such a stupid mistake? I even questioned myself for not doing well on the monthly exam. I was tired again. It was teacher Joseph who gave me a hand.

Teacher Joseph was an awesome person, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, he was the best teacher I’ve ever seen. I you asked me to name my favorite teacher, teacher Joseph would be the one. Whenever I got exhausted, teacher Joseph always used well-known proverbs and life experience to encourage me, sometimes he even talk jokes that weren’t funny at all. But every time, he could make people feel relieved.

The relationship between MR. TOEFL and me was like every other friendships, we fought, we laughed. I knew it was not going to be easy for me to accepted the task of trying to take the TOEFL exam. But through the process of studying TOEFL by myself, I’ve learned a lot. Not only knowledge but also attitude. I learned not to be proud but humble; I learned not to quit but move on; maybe these words sounds boring, but they really gave me a BIG lesson.

At last, I wanted to thank every teachers who gave me the opportunity to experience and explore the meaning of the TOEFL exam. It was difficult, but it was fun! You’ll know it when you GIVE IT A TRY!


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  1. Great job!! You did it in time!! That’s really wonderful!! Have a nice vacation!! You have been working very hard through the semester!! THat ‘s really an amazing thing!! YOu have great potential to realize your dream, and that is without a doubt! DOn’t worry too much about your future, because your strong will and perseverance will take you there. Nice holidays! Enjoy it!

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