The lesson I’ve learned from the “Drama Contest”

After the first monthly exam, the school announced that there will be an English drama contest in December. At that moment, a thought crossed through my mind – “What should I do in this drama contest?” “Should I volunteer for the director?” or “Should I just be a member behind the scenes?” After thinking for a while, I thought that it was worth giving a try, so I became one of the playwrights.

During the time of being a playwright, I faced a lot of difficulties, and the most difficult one is “time pressure.” Because we started late, and there was no much time left, we only got three to four days to come up with a script!!! Honestly, that was impossible for us. We had schoolworks and exams to handle, I asked myself, why should I work so hard? It’s just a drama contest!

Later, the coordinator ordered us to come to school on weekends, I was mad at that time. She didn’t have the right to order me to come to the school! But in the afternoon of that day, I tried to put myself in the position of the coordinator. If I were her, it’s for sure that this drama contest would be on the top of my “to-do” list. On the other hand, if I were just a playwright, I had already done my job, there’s mo reason for the coordinator to order me to come to school. At the end, I still came. Why? Because sometimes, just thought a little more about others, we might have different idea, and it made us feel better.

On the day of the contest, we won the fourth place. It was AWESOME!!! The feeling was great not because we won the prize, but because we all knew that we just made through a arduous voyage, and to us, “the voyage is what really matters, not the result.” – Which was what I have learned through the drama contest.


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