The “M-pen.”

Do you own a special pen like Harry Potter’s magic wand? Check our my new invention- the “M-pen.”

My imaginative invention “M-pen” is a magic pen that can receive order from their owner and start function automically, and the feather on the pen can be used to clean the dust. The best part of the M-pen is that you can set your own program and when you give the order, the sound sensor will first detect whether it’s its owner’s voice or not, and then it will process the command and start working.

There are two main functions of the M-pen. First, it accepts the command and starts working automically. Second, it can be used as a MP3 player.

At last, there are few basic steps that you have to do in order to turn on the M-pen. First, push the on/off borrom. Second, enter your PIN number. Third, set up your own program. Last, gice the order and you will see the pen works!!!


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