Emma as a TV anchor

Everytime I turn on the TV and watch news, those TV anchors often remind me of Emma, who is simply cut out for that job. She’s outgoing, curious, and well-organized; with these good personality traits, I think Emma will be a great TV anchor.

First of all, Emma is an outgoing person, she’s not afraid of faving audience, she always looks so confident on the stage. I remember once when she was debating, she showed no fear in front of the opponent. Even though she knew that it was impossible for our team to win. Emma show others that even you know you are going to lose the contest, do not be afraid of you opponent, be confident of your abilities.

Second, Emma is a curious person who likes to ask questions. She often asks teacherquestions afain and again until she understands, and she never gives up any opportunities to ask questions. I remember she told me once, “the more you ask, the more you learn!” That’s Emma’s spirit of learning new things – to be curious.

Finally, Emma is a very well-organized person. She likes to have fixed schedule in order to complete everything on time. Because of her sell-organized habit, she can read a long article and immediately point out the main idea. She knows that if she doesn’t finish work on time, it will delay her later works. Having the well-organized habit really helps Emma to pull out the information she needs in a short time, and that’s what being a succesful anchor needs.

If you ask me who is most qualified to become a future Tv anchor, without a doubt, I’ll amswer “EMMA!” With her outgoing, curious, and well-organized qualities, she’s definitely suitable for this job.


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