Advice for freshman

Have you ever thought of what high school life would be like? You might think that high school life would be crazy, exciting, or maybe dull or boring. You might even feel nervous about this completely new high school stuff. However, do not worry! Here are some advice from my own experience, and it may help you adapt to the high school life more easily.
First, always hold a positive attitude toward oncoming challenges. When I just got into the high school, I was scared. I was afraid of bonding in to the new environment. To me, it was a disaster! However, I made up my mind to stay optimistic. Moreover, I found out that it is actually much easier for me to face difficulties with a positive attitude. High school life is much more than getting good grades; it‘s about challenging yourself and exploring new things. If you keep up the positive attitude, you will feel the power of learning. It is like fuel to car, without it, the car will not work. Keep up the positive attitude, no matter what happened would really help you got though the tough freshman year.
Second, you must be patient. High school life sometimes can be really boring and exhausting. Even though it is more fun than elementary school, there are still homework and exams. When it comes to the time of the tight schedule, remember not to rush or panic. Be patient in doing everything. Once you rushed, all the effort you have made might just disappear because of a tiny mistake. There are many ways to keep patient, and here are some of my ways. I listen to radio or music to ease my anxious, and when I get tired, I usually take a break. Never push yourself when you are feeling tired. It would just make the condition worse. Being patient and clam is the best way to deal with difficult problems.
Last, you have to join the club. Being in the debate club was the best time I had. My vision had not only broadened, but also my vision. Before joining the club, all I thought of was to get good grades. After joining the club, I realized how little I know and how small I am. Through extracurricular classes, I learned that there are so many things out there. Joining the club is a good way for you to learn more things other than the textbooks. This is the only chance for you to see how abundant or colorful the world is. Do not be afraid to try it out, you might find it fun!
To me, entering the high school is a total new stage for me. The well-known Japanese economist Ohmae Kenichi once said, “Life is like a disc, you have to format it whenever it is needed.” Becoming a high school student means starting a new adventure. Hold positive attitude, be patient, and join the club will help you adapt to the new environment much easily. Be brave to embrace the new stage of your life. Trust me; high school is fun once you know how to live out the true meaning of it.


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What does it take to become a good leader

What does it take to become a good leader? In my opinion, being a good leader is not about how rich, you are or what position you are at, it is all about “who” you are. There are three characteristics that I consider to be the most important parts of becoming a successful and respectful leader. The leader has to be eloquent, generous, and courageous.

First, you might ask why being eloquent is so important? Take the newly elected president of the United States of America – Barack Obama for example. He is an eloquent speaker that can make people have faith in him. People believe in that he can really bring a change to their beloved country. This time, the president election is competitive, both McCain and Obama are considered a possible leader for America. Other than great policies, I think the key of Obama’s winning is his eloquent speeches. From the beginning of the election, Senator Obama made his point that “He’s asking people to believe not just in his ability to bring about real change in Washington, but he’s asking people to believe in themselves.” In addition, on the President-Elect night, Obama said, “It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.” He also addressed that the coming “change” of the United Sates is the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Futhurmore, Senator Obama stated that they will, and always will be, the United States of America. Words like this really touched people’s heart. I think that’s why even conservative people voted for Obama because they trusted him and had faith in him. Therefore, I think being eloquent is an important characteristic for a leader; it’s the key to make people believe in what a leader can do.

    Second, being generous is also important. Bill Gates, one of the richest people on the world. Even though his is rich, he never keeps all the profit in his pocket. He gave bonus money to workers in his company. That is why people respect him so much; even his competitor respects him too. Generous as Bill Gates, people in his company will then be more than willing to work for him. Besides, I believe they will work much harder. That is the key to Bill Gates’s success. Not to mention it is hard not to be greedy while you are in such a competitive business. His generosity toward his workers really makes him a respectful leader.

    Last, a leader should be courageous. For instance, Dr. Matin Luther King, a prominent leader who devoted himself into the black civil rights movement. Moving into a new State, Dr. King had never thought of becoming the leader in the civil rights movement. However, when he was nominated and elected as the leader, he did not say “no.” Even though he knew, this work might kill him. After taking this job, he got threaten calls. Some people started to criticize him that a priest should not interfere with politic issue. However, Dr. King was brave. He had made up his mind that it is time to take action. In addition, he did take his words into action. At the beginning was the boycott, and then he started to negotiate with the government. Last, he made the best speech of the world in front of thousands of people and encouraged them that we should never give up our dreams. All those things he did might just catch him into huge trouble. However, Dr. King still went for it, because it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, he was assassinated in 1968. Even though he had passed away, but his spirit had lasted in everyone’s heart. I believed Dr. King knew he was in danger, but he kept up his promise to change the world.

Being eloquent, generous, and courageous makes a person not only a leader, but also makes them much more respectful. With these qualities, any person can be a good leader. What does it take to become a good leader? Eloquent, Generosity, and Courage are the answer!

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The best movie I’ve ever seen


    Can you believe a Panda can actually become a master of Kong Fu? I bet you don’t! The best movie I’ve ever seen is Kong Fu Panda. With hilarious jokes, funny but inspiring plot. I just love this movie. A panda who cook noodle for living has an ideal dream of becoming the Kong Fu Master. None of the other Kong Fu practitioners believe in him. Not even the Panda himself expect that one day he will become the “chosen one.” It’s all by accident! However, not only did the Panda fulfill his oath of the chosen one. He even bread through his own weaknesses. Eventually, he defeated the biggest villain.

    I found this movie the best because of three reasons. It’s funny, realistic, and inspiring. First, seeing the Panda is already fun, but the animators make other characters interesting too. Second, the character Panda actually symbolized every ordinary human. He got his own weakness and his own flaw. We got them too. Besides, we all have to face difficulties. Seeing the Panda is as seeing myself. Last, the Panda’s optimistic attitude toward frustration really inspires me. And also his perseverance really touches my heart. A movie consists of three elements – funny plot, realistic story, and inspiring message are what a movie requires. The Kong Fu Panda makes it perfectly.

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A letter to Adam


Dear Adam,

How are you? It has been three months since we last met. After I became a senior, all my parents expect of me is to get into a good university. It bothers me. I feel lots of pressure. I know study is important. But the more they push me, the more I don’t want to study. Besides, this issue has caused arguments between my mother and I more frequently! I really don’t like this kind of relationship.

What should I do, my friend? You’ve always been not only a good listener but also a good advisor to me. I’m really frustrated right now. There’s just too much pressure. I don’t know how to handle it. Could you give me some advice? Thank you!

                                                                                                                                Sincerely yours,


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Review Summary of The Pursuit of Happiness

 The reviewer said ” ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ is an unexceptional film with exceptional performances.” Though the subject matter is serious, the film itself is rather slight, and Will Simith give this movie its life, its energy. And After you watch this movie, you will find out how lucky you are. That’s why this movie is so touching.

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My Tuesday companies – Mitch and Morrie

Have you ever thought of the word “death” ? I have never thought of that word until my first contact with the popular book “Tuesdays with Morris.” Written by Mitch Albom.

This is a real story that had actually happened to Mitch. Morrie was his college professor, also the teacher of his life. The reason why I choose this book as my reading assignment is because this is the very first book that brings me to think about what life and death is. These two topics might sound serious. But once you look into it, you will find that those two topics are actually interesting.

What is life? Is it just a matter of surviving or living your life? No. The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in. Living a life with no goal, no determination, it cannot be called a life at all. A real life is to explore the world, spread out love, give out your passion, and last, embrace your luck of being on this world. When life starts out our journey, the ultimate destination is also already there, and that is death.

Death, what a terrible word! To most Taiwanese, we feared the word death. Most of us even avoid saying it. However, Morrie and Mitch didn’t think so. I think their definition to death is great. They asked : “Everyone knows someone who has died, but why is it so hard to think about dying?” The key word is courage. If you have the courage, you can face anything. Not only death, but also the deepest fear in your heart. When you get courage, it’s like a car with the strongest gear on the world, you can drive to anywhere you want. But how can we have enough courage? The golden point is to know yourself. People often said : “Getting to know yourself is the most difficult thing.” Indeed. We are often blind with fame, money, and those material stuffs. But what really matters to us is the spirit! Everyone has a little spirit living in their body. While the outer of your body die away, your spirit lives on. As so on, even we die, we need not to be afraid. Death, is the end of our journey. But facing and learning the lesson Death is another beginning. Just like a eastern idiom said: “When you close this window, there’s another one waiting for you to open it.”

There is always an end to the journey. Tuesdays with Morrie and Mitch had really made me to think about my life. As a student, my first job is to get into a good university. But is that all I want? Grades? Exams? Schools? or even fames? I don’t think so. I want to color my life, I want to be on the debate team again, I want to go to Europe, I want to be a better person etc. There’s still a lot I want to do. However, study is the first priority. I know this year will be tough, but I am ready! For those things I want to do, I want to make it happen. Make impossible possible. After all, no one is perfect, I got to work it. No fear, No doubt. Only Courage!!! Just do it!


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Making friend with MR. TOEFL

     Before turning in my application of self-studying program. I was nervous and worried. Because I wasn’t sure if I could handled such a tough work! After all. TOEFL wasn’t easy.

Then, I decided to give it a try. So, during every English class, I studied my own TOEFL practice book. It was difficult at the beginning. There are bunch of rules and few practice tests in the book. I took the *Pre-Test* first. I thought I did okay on it, so I moved on to the next test, the reading section wasn’t hard, but there were time limitation. I’ve to trained myself to finish studying the whole article, which contained mostly about 5-6 paragraphs in a  very short time. It was just CRAZY!

I couldn’t imagine anyone who could read that fast in such a limited time. Anyway, it didn’t go well on my first reading section. I was a little bit frustrated. But thinking of the moment when I decided to challenge myself for the TOEFL exam, I was full of determination ! Then, i said to myself, Practice makes perfect! Indeed, for the following reading sections, I improved little by little each time. I became more confident and found mywelf started to like the TOEFL exam. Amazing, right?

As a few months has past, I thought is was time for me to take a rest. Although making friend with MR. TOEFL was great, but I needed time to organize the things I’ve learned. So, I went back to my English class. I figured out that even I was practicing TOEFL, I still made mistake in simple grammar! Sometimes I felt really stupid, how could I made such a stupid mistake? I even questioned myself for not doing well on the monthly exam. I was tired again. It was teacher Joseph who gave me a hand.

Teacher Joseph was an awesome person, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, he was the best teacher I’ve ever seen. I you asked me to name my favorite teacher, teacher Joseph would be the one. Whenever I got exhausted, teacher Joseph always used well-known proverbs and life experience to encourage me, sometimes he even talk jokes that weren’t funny at all. But every time, he could make people feel relieved.

The relationship between MR. TOEFL and me was like every other friendships, we fought, we laughed. I knew it was not going to be easy for me to accepted the task of trying to take the TOEFL exam. But through the process of studying TOEFL by myself, I’ve learned a lot. Not only knowledge but also attitude. I learned not to be proud but humble; I learned not to quit but move on; maybe these words sounds boring, but they really gave me a BIG lesson.

At last, I wanted to thank every teachers who gave me the opportunity to experience and explore the meaning of the TOEFL exam. It was difficult, but it was fun! You’ll know it when you GIVE IT A TRY!

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